The Benefits of Electric Forklifts over Engine Forklifts

raymond three wheel electric forklift

With the majority of forklifts sold being electric these days, you may be asking yourself if these machines are right for your operation. Here is a guide to some benefits of owning an electric forklift for you to consider.

Cost Savings

The upfront cost of an internal combustion engine (ICE) forklift may be cheaper, but the long-term savings on fuel and maintenance quickly offset what you initially save by a significant amount. Depending on the usage of the forklift, you could see savings of $30K over the lift of the forklift. Check out the EPRI Lift Truck Comparison Calculator to compare savings. First Energy Corp, a large utilities provider, states it is 75% cheaper to operate an electric forklift compared to a propane.


With the emphasis being place on climate change today, electric forklifts are much better for the environment, and the work place. They do not produce any particle, greenhouse gas or smog forming emissions. No emissions from electric forklifts also means that indoor air quality will improve where electric forklifts take the place of ICE forklifts.


Electric forklifts produce less noise than their ICE counterparts. Less noise causes less operator fatigue and improves the operator’s reaction to other noises. Less forklift noise also allows other warehouse workers to clearly hear the horn of the electric forklift as it approaches. Electric forklifts also have fewer components that can leak, which lowers the chance of dangerous oil slicks on the ground.

Warehouse Configuration

Electric forklifts have many more configurations available than IC forklifts. This allows operations save room and maximize space in operating areas. Electric forklifts like order pickers, reach trucks, turret trucks and standup counter balance forklifts all allow for smaller aisles and tighter working spaces. Three wheel electric forklifts are another great option since they usually have a much tighter turning radius than ICE machines that are the same capacity. Electric forklifts also allow for higher warehouse racking as some styles of electric forklifts come with a lift height of over 400 inches.

hyster n40zr used forklift


Electric forklifts have fewer wear parts than ICE Forklifts. Engines in an ICE forklift have many moving parts such as the engine pistons and transmission. This increases the amount of overall maintenance that will be needed over the life of the forklift. With an electric forklift oil changes, tune-ups, cooling system tops offs, and filter replacements aren’t needed. ¬†And with fewer wearing parts, and fewer maintenance calls, electric forklifts decrease downtime.

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