Forklift & Equipment Financing

Considering Leasing a Used Forklift?

Deciding how to pay for a used forklift is an important consideration. Is cash, a bank loan, or leasing your best option?

If you are considering leasing, take a look at some of the benefits of leasing here:

  • 100% Financing Often with leasing only the first and last months' payments are required. The entire cost of the new equipment including taxes, shipping and equipment setup can be financed and not paid separately as would be done with bank financing.
  • Leasing Is Simpler Than Bank Financing While bank financing requires more paperwork, higher credit requirements, and longer approval time, leasing can be done with a simple application and can be approved within a fwe days.
  • Keep your cash Use your cash or line of credit for other business development needs.
  • Match Payment to Usage Rather than paying the full cost of an equipment purchase upfront, leasing allows for the payment to match the value derived from the asset each month.

Machine Maxx USA partners with Priority Capital to offer our customers leasing options.

Priority Capital was founded 24 years ago and has committed itself to the growth of small businesses.  We work as a partner of all of our clients to service their equipment financing needs and growth plans.  Whether your business is a single employee sole proprietorship or a corporation with 300 employees, we have flexible financing programs to assist you in your equipment purchasing needs.

Our customers will work directly with Spencer Braun at Priority Capital. Spencer Braun is a Senior Account Executive. His attention to detail and industry experience creates a client experience that is second to none.  Previous to his time at Priority Capital, Spencer worked at an asset management firm in Boston, MA.