Teen Semi Truck Apprenticeship Aims to Help With Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain issues are causing a lot of problems all across the United States. Anyone who is trying to move products over the last few years can attest to the rise in freight prices and the lack of available drivers.

The federal Government has recently announced it will allow teens to drive semi trucks from state to state in a new test program to try and help alleviate these issues.

Current laws require truckers to be 21yrs old in order to be able to cross state lines. The new program would allow any driver who is at least 18 yrs old to drive trucks out of state. The program will screen the teens heavily for driving-while-impaired violations, as well as traffic tickets for causing accidents.

We certainly hope it will help stabilize prices. And it should be a great opportunity for younger Americans to learn a skill and earn an income.

Here are some links to read about this new program:

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