Right To Repair

Right To Repair has been a hot topic lately in the US. Advocacy groups have been trying to push forward legislation to give consumers the right to repair and modify certain equipment and tech they own.

Most recently, John Deere made headlines after reaching an agreement with farmers to open
up some of its tractor tech allowing them to be able to repair their own equipment. The American Farm Bureau Federation announced the agreement in early January.

The agreement with John Deere promises farmers and independent repair shops access to diagnostic tools and parts so that they can find more affordable ways to fix their equipment instead of having to go
directly to the costly dealers. John Deere will still be able to protect its trade secrets and stop users from overriding any safety features on its equipment.

While the deal is a step in the right direction, the Right To Repair Groups seem to be skeptical of John Deereā€™s promises, and fear that it is not enough. Some also feel that it is meant to undermine the movement itself.

Do you we think this will ever happen with forklifts??

Here are some links to about the Right To Repair movement, as well as some articles about the Deere agreement.





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