Toyota 8FGCU25 Forklift Specifications

Make: Toyota
Model: 8FGCU25
Forklift Type: Cushion Tire Internal Combustion
Operator Position: Seated Rider
Basic Capacity – lb (kg): 5000 (2250)
Load Center – in (mm): 24″ (610)
Power: LP Gas
Tire Type: Cushion
Tilt (forward/back): 6.0/10.0 degrees
Length to Fork Face – in (mm): 93.7 (2380)
Width (standard tires) – in (mm): 41.9 (1065)
Height to Top of Overhead Guard – in (mm): 80.7 (2050)
Rear Overhang – in (mm): 18.5 (470)
Turning radius (inside/outside) – in (mm): 77.6 (1970)
Weight – lb (kg): 8000 (3240)
Front Tire Size: 21 x 7 x 15
Rear Tire Size: 16 x 5 x 10.5
Wheelbase – in (mm): 58.5 (1485)
Engine: Toyota 4Y – ECS
Cylinders: 4 Horsepower: 48

*Specifications vary depending on factory options

8FGCU25 Video For Reference

Toyota 8FGCU25 Troubleshooting

The bottom of this page includes a forum section to ask questions and leave answers about the Toyota 8FGCU25 forklift. Scroll down for more info.

You can also visit the Toyota Forklift Error Codes page for further descriptions and answers.

8FGCU25 Reference Photo Gallery

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9 thoughts on “Toyota 8FGCU25 Forklift Specifications”

  1. Andy Guild

    Andy Guild

    Use this section to ask questions and leave comments about the Toyota 8FGCU25.

  2. Wade Johnson

    Wade Johnson

    Can I put other tires on my Toyota 8FGCU25 so I can drive from one building to another on crushed rock? If so, what size and type of tires would I use?

    • Andy Guild

      Andy Guild

      You couldn’t put pneumatic shaped solids on a Toyota 8FGCU25. The best you can do is a lugged/treaded cushion tire. The drive tire size is 21x7x15. The steer tire size is 16x5x10.5

  3. Kevin A Hann

    Kevin A Hann

    Good afternoon.

    What is the point loading of each wheel for a Toyota 8FGCU25? Is it as simple as diving the weight of the vehicle across all four wheels to arrive at a point load of 2000lb?

    • Andy Guild

      Andy Guild

      Here’s the closest I can get you to an answer:

      Weight distribution loaded – front/rear: 11310lbs / 1690 lbs

      Weight distribution no load – front/rear: 2820lbs / 5180 lbs

  4. Andy


    The warning light with the wavy line inside a circle means the coolant level is low. The Toyota 4Y engine uses gold color coolant.

  5. Andy Guild

    Andy Guild

    Error code E67-1 is a lift height sensor error. There is a gray apparatus on the right side of the mast – about 3-4 feet off the ground that senses both tilt and lift height, I think. We have found broken wires going to this unit. The way the wires are secured to the mast causes a lot of rubbing and wear. We’ve fixed the wires several times and this makes the code go away.

  6. Pamela Sangco

    Pamela Sangco

    What’s the min. and max. weight of the battery?

    • Andy Guild

      Andy Guild

      The 8FGCU25 model has an internal combustion engine. So it only has a small starter battery like you would find in a car. If you’re looking for the min and max battery weight for the Toyota 8FBCU25 I can get you the minimum battery weight – 2400lbs for 36 and 48 volt models. I don’t have the maximum weight info.

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