Toyota 7FBEU15 Forklift Specifications

Make: Toyota
Model: 7FBEU15
Forklift Type: Three Wheel Electric Rider
Basic Capacity (lbs/kg): 3000/1361
Load Center (in/mm): 13.8/350
Power: Electric - 36/48 Volts
Battery Type: Lead Acid
Tire Type: Cushion or Pneumatic
Tilt - standard (forward/back): 5/6.5 degrees
Length to Fork Face (in/mm): 72/1828
Overall Width - cushion tires (in/mm): 41.5/1054
Overall Width - Pneumatic Tires (in/mm): 42.1/1069
Height to Top of Overhead Guard (in/mm): 78/1981
Turning radius (in/mm): 58.3/1480
Right Angle Stack (in/mm): 72.1/1831
Weight without battery - Cushion Tires (lbs/kg): 4620/2095
Weight without battery - Pneumatic Tires (lbs/kg): 4465/2025
Front Tire Size - Cushion: 18x7x12-1/8
Rear Tire Size - Cushion: 15x5x11-1/4
Front Tire Size - Pneumatic: 18x7x8-16PR
Rear Tire Size - Pneumatic: 16x6-8-10PR
Wheelbase (in/mm): 51.6/1310

7FBEU15 Video For Reference

7FBEU15 Battery and Charger Information

36 Volts

Minimum Weight: 1543 lbs
AMp Hour Capacity: 680 AH
Box Dimensions: 39.2" x 21.70" x 24.10"

48 Volts

Minimum Weight: 1543 lbs
Amp Hour Capacity: 510
Box Dimensions: 39.2" x 21.70" x 24.10"

7FBEU15 Images For Reference

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2 thoughts on “Toyota 7FBEU15 Forklift Specifications”

  1. Steve Pickett

    Steve Pickett

    What is the maximum ramp slope angle the Toyota 7FBEU15 can negotiate / handle without ‘scraping the forks on the downslope ?

    Thank you.

    • Andy Guild

      Andy Guild

      Hi Steve – it sounds like you’re asking if the forks will scrape when the forklift gets to the end of a ramp and transfers to level ground? That isn’t a readily available spec because the forks can raise at least 10 feet off the ground – so that should cover any clearance issues when driving down a slope and then transferring to level ground. If the forks must stay close to the ground in your situation, then that depends on how close and how steep the grade is.

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