Cat GC70K Forklift Specifications

Make: Cat
Model: GC70K
Type: Cushion Tire - Internal Combustion
Basic Capacity: 15500 lbs
Load Center: 24"
Power: LP Gas
Tire Type: Cushion
Tilt (forward/back): 6.0/9.0 degrees
Length to Fork Face: 116.1"
Width (standard tires): 56.7"
Height to Top of Overhead Guard: 88.8"
Minimum turning radius: 101.2"
Weight: 20900lbs
Front Tire Size: 28.0 x 12.0 x 22.0"
Rear Tire Size: 22.0 x 8.0 x 16.0"
Wheelbase: 72.0"
Engine: GM V6

Cat GC70K Video For Reference

Cat GC70K Images For Reference

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4 thoughts on “Cat GC70K Forklift Specifications”

  1. Rigo Sanchez

    Rigo Sanchez

    How much does the front tire and rim weigh together

    • Andy Guild

      Andy Guild

      Thanks for the message. We won’t be able to determine that weight. It would have to be weighed on site.

      • KEITH Roberts

        KEITH Roberts

        Have a GC70K1 low idle low power when you give full pedal splutters erratic throttle control any help

        • Andy Guild

          Andy Guild

          We had a similar issue with a GC70K but our problem was that it wouldn’t accelerate when the pedal was depressed. We tried switching out the accelerator potentiometer but that didn’t work. We tried the ECM and that didn’t work. We ended up selling it to a Cat dealer. Your situation sounds a little different though. Have you tried replacing the accelerator potentiometer? And be sure to check spark plugs, oil, and fuel system just to be sure.

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