Jungheinrich Forklift Error Codes

  • 0915.2 - Industrial truck not ready for operation - battery door opened.

  • 0938.1 - Battery discharged (0%).

  • 1901.1 - Drive pedal activated during startup.

  • 1904.1 - No travel direction present with drive pedal activated.

  • 1908.1 - Seat belt or belt lock not closed when the pedal is pressed.

  • 1909.1 - Activation of drive pedal when the parking brake is not released.

  • 1917.1 - Drive pedal and brake pedal both activated at the same time.

  • 1918.1 - Industrial truck ready for operation, but cab door opened.

  • 2908.1 - Seat belt or belt lock not closed when hydraulic function is activated.

  • 2937.3 - Simulatneous activiation of several hydraulic functions that can only be operated as individual functions.

  • 2951.1 - Hydraulic function activated during startup.

  • 5409.1 - Battery temperature too high

  • 5393.1 - Battery cell faulty

8 thoughts on “Jungheinrich Forklift Error Codes”



    We bought one of your forklifts, CAT EX5000, Serial A4EC360646. Can you provide for us the Service manual for the machine?
    Thank you.

    • Ram Khudan

      Ram Khudan

      Mitsubishi forklift
      Model EDR18N2
      Serial 82827655
      Need the shop/service manual

      • Andy Guild

        Andy Guild

        Thanks for the message. The best way to get the service manual for an EDR18N2 is contact your nearest Mitsbushi forklift dealer. You can search on this website: https://www.logisnextamericas.com/en/mit/find-your-dealer

      • Iftikhar ahmed

        Iftikhar ahmed

        Jungheinrich reach truck e 4809.01 model etr335d serial no 82826325

  2. Kevin


    Forklift stuck in Turtle mode

    • Andy Guild

      Andy Guild

      Hi Kevin – can you reply with the make and model of your forklift? We can start there and see if we can narrow down the troubleshooting.

  3. Sangram chavan

    Sangram chavan

    Forklift truck error cade E 4802.2

    • Andy Guild

      Andy Guild

      Sorry we can’t help more with this one. Limited info available for these codes but looks like electrical communication error.

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