Forklift Leaf Chain Maintenance – Quick Guide

Keeping your forklifts’ leaf chains clean and free of debris will help them last longer and reduce wear on the moving mast parts. Cleaning forklift chains is especially important if your forklift is used in an environment with a lot of dust, dirt, or other airborne particles such as salt dust that can create friction and corrode the chains.

Remember these four keys to cleaning and maintaing forklift chains:

  1. Only clean with water or a steam jet – don’t use aggressive or caustic agents.
  2. Dry with compressed air and be sure not to leave any moisture on the chains.
  3. Re-lubricate frequently – after the chain is cleaned and dry it needs to be lubricated again.
  4. Use the appropriate lubricant for forklift leaf chains.

For more details check out this thorough article from Leaf Chain

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