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  1. antonis


    Hello, I have a problem with my toyota forklift which presents a delay of forward movement of about 3-4 seconds from the moment I give the command, while in reverse it responds immediately. I have measured the voltage it sends to the electrovalves, I have crossed the electrovalves, the oil and filter have been changed, no strange noise is heard. From the moment it starts after the delay it behaves perfectly. This delay only exists every time I put neutral. If anyone knows, it would help me a lot to tell me their knowledge. Thanks.

  2. Andy Guild

    Andy Guild

    There’s a good chance you need to replace the transmission control valve. We had to replace one recently on a 8FGCU25 with a similar issue. It should be part number TY32753-26610-71 but you’ll need to double check against your specific forklift’s serial number.

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