Article Recommendation: Does Not Compute

The Cleveland Browns have the fifth most fourth down attempts in the NFL but are 26th out of 32 teams on fourth down conversions. The analytics, apparently, tell coach Stefanski to go for it on fourth down rather than punting. But doesn’t the team’s consistent failure on fourth down change the analytics? Or at least

Freight industry hitting a rough patch in US

Freight rates are down year over year for the last six months in the US. And because 2018 was such a strong year for the freight industry many new trucks were ordered and freight companies expanded capacity.  So too much capacity and not enough freight has led to much lower prices.Read more from

Goldman Sachs 2019 Economic Outlook

Goldman’s 2019 Global Economic Outlook was recently published.  Here are a few of the points and link to the full report: Goldman Sachs – Landing The Plane Global economic growth expected to slow to 3.5% in 2019 from 3.8% in 2018. Risk of a recession will grow after 2019. When 2018 is in the books